Theresa is committed to helping you achieve your beauty goals

Theresa's Background

Born and raised in the Phoenix Valley, Theresa has a true dedication to serve her community. With a wide range of experience and training in electrolysis and other forms of beautification, Theresa has worked with dozens of clients and only uses the best products and services available. When she took on the challenge of offering beautifying treatments to friends and family, Theresa quickly realized she had a true passion for helping people find that new radiant look. This is when Rethink Electrolysis: A Permanent Touch by Theresa was born!

Training and Education

Theresa has undergone professional training in electrolysis and other forms of wellness, traveling abroad to seek the best education available. With a dedication to provide the best possible experience for each and every client, Theresa is always keeping up to date with the newest and best products and services on the market. With her knowledge and experience, Theresa is committed to educating each client about the great benefits of electrolysis and the long-term satisfaction that great treatment can bring. If you any questions, feel free to contact us!

What is Rethink Electrolysis?

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